Particle Monthly

Get trained in RealFlow for 2 cups of capuchino



Particle Monthly is a place for you to get creatively and technicaly charged with particles and creative direction. Every month. It's a part of LearnWateryDesign trainings.

Simple. Easy. Creative.

Here in Particle Monthly we take action. Knowledge without action equals nothing. Practice. test yourself and build new skills, create. 

Monthly creative challenge is where you get a theme and direction for the month to work with particles. It is meant for you to boost creative energy. You are given creative direction, guidelines and are highly encouraged to go even beyond it. So it is flexible. It's only purpose is to motivate you create something unusual. 

Training is where you will find even more technical guidelines regards the theme of the month, aka tutorial. It is not meant to be super detailed, however I do my best to mention everything of importance for the theme to acomplish the challenge. It takes from 10min to an hour, depending on the complexity of the theme (or complexity of suggested method to acomplish it). 

Bonus section is a place where you will find additional notes, tutorials and downloads. Those might change and be updated anytime.


Stay Creative.


p.s. Any membership type you can cancel anytime! Give it a try.

And here's results form first challenge over ParticleMonthly. It is still up there! Also current one as in the example below. 




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