Particle Monthly

Get creative in RealFlow with PARTICLE MONTHLY

NEW GOLD MEMBERS THIS MONTH WILL GET CG ARTIST POWERED UP hardcover book (I will personally order it for you to be shipped to your home). 

Simple. Easy. Creative.

Here in Particle Monthly, we take action. Knowledge without action equals nothing. Practice. test yourself and build new skills, create. 

The monthly creative challenge is where you get a theme and direction for the month to work with particles. It is meant for you to boost creative energy. You are given creative direction, guidelines and are highly encouraged to go even beyond it. So it is flexible. It's the only purpose is to motivate you to create something unusual. 

Training is where you will find even more technical guidelines regards the theme of the month, aka tutorial. It is not meant to be super detailed, however, I do my best to mention everything of importance for the theme to accomplish the challenge. It takes from 15min to an hour, depending on the complexity of the theme (or complexity of the suggested method to accomplish it). 

A bonus section is a place where you will find additional notes, tutorials and downloads. Those might change and be updated anytime.

Bonus library of 15+ months of content left for you to enjoy.

Stay Creative.

Gold membership members get additional gift 2h LWD AUDIO SERIES mp3 about project planning, working with teams, agencies and clients + inkLIKE fluid simulations workshop + 30% discount of LWDMasterclass.

p.s. Any membership type you can cancel anytime! Give it a try.

And here's results form some challenges over ParticleMonthly. 

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