This series of audio is more like a form of audiobook to help power up your CG workflow and gain clarity in working with a team, agency or direct client. Overall lenght 2h + BONUS VISUAL MATERIAL

You can listen all at once, or one by one. To reap the best results in your life, however, you need nothing but to take action based on knowledge you get familiar with in these series. Every small step counts. Take one tip from here, implement it in daily life and you will see its power.

You may or may not agree with all being said in there, and that is okay. As long as you start raising new questions about your workflow and the way things work, LWD AUDIOSERIES has done its job.

You can listen online or download all mp3 files and put it in your phone to enjoy like any other album or audio book. 

We will discuss:

  • Project-planning: Planning; Project Steps; Storyboards; Moodboards; Creating strong Treatment PDFs; More Templates and downloads;  
  • Team Work & Clients: Managing Resources; Exports for the Client; Uploading your work; Differences between working with a team/ agency and a direct client; 


What people are saying:

"Great information which I can learn during my daytime job, 
thank you for making such wonderful file."  



"Great content Karolina and the vibe is like listening to the radio, really nice. "

- Pavlos Polostanin

Listen to sample episode:

01 Behind Project Planning




2h mp3 SERIES + 




00 Introduction

01 Behind Project Planning

02 Project Steps

03 Storyboards & Moodboards

04 Treatment PDFs

05 Managing Resources

06 Exports for The Client & Uploading Your Work

07 Differences Between Team Work, Agency & Direct Client Work

08 Ghost Client (CG Artist Powered Up Book Chapter)

09 Final Word

Q&A (answering in comments and then recording 10 Q&A episode)


Bonus Visual Material on workflow (treatment PDFs, polycount, some fluid simulation tips & more)

Price goes up soon to €33

€11,00 EUR