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Particle Monthly is a place for you to get creatively and technicaly charged with particles and creative direction. Every month. It's a part of LearnWateryDesign trainings.

Simple. Easy. Creative.

Here in Particle Monthly we take action. Knowledge without action equals nothing. Practice. test yourself and build new skills, create. 

Monthly creative challenge is where you get a theme and direction for the month to work with particles. It is meant for you to boost creative energy. You are given creative direction, guidelines and are highly encouraged to go even beyond it. So it is flexible. It's only purpose is to motivate you create something unusual. 

Training is where you will find even more technical guidelines regards the theme of the month, aka tutorial. It is not meant to be super detailed, however I do my best to mention everything of importance for the theme to acomplish the challenge. It takes from 10min to an hour, depending on the complexity of the theme (or complexity of suggested method to acomplish it). 

Bonus section is a place where you will find additional notes, tutorials and downloads. Those might change and be updated anytime.


Get particle creative theme challenge

Particle related tutorial (RealFlow)

Bonus tutorials & downloads

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LearnWateryDesign v01 MASTERCLASS


Welcome to all who joined this masterclass, it's going to be a hell of a year from now on! Please know I appreciate you.

If you have any questions, reach me out [email protected] . 

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Learn Watery Design V01 With RealFlow, VRay & More

Learn time-saving fluid simulation fundamentals and reap the best results with professional 3D design practice.

LearnWateryDesign is made for you to get those skills and knowledge you MUST know in one, well-developed system. Eliminate countless time thieves forever, learn to think ahead, connect the dots between the vision and the workflow. 

In addition to this, we have community to support you and you will have personal feedback from me. You are not alone in this. And we're having great fun!


Even sky is not a limit. I am going up, and I'm taking you with me.

No more time wasting or wishing, more knowing, more results.

I've been dedicated to improvement, best quick and efficient solutions within CG, vfx and creative work, since I can ever remember. Things finally getting the pace especially having such convenient tools as RealFlow10 right now. I've been preparing a lot, years, for the BIG LEAP I'm creating right now. And I am taking you with me. It's time to create efficient workflow, brilliant & kickass watery design. You with me?

Karolina Sereikaite



"Karolina is one of the best RealFlow professionals we have worked with. She is attentive, dedicated to her work, and has a lot of talent. It is always a pleasure to talk and count with Karolina to show us how RealFlow works in a professional way, giving advice besides the dedication and the detail that puts in each work that she does."

Next Limit Technologies

Luis Miguel Mora

Head of Quality Of Support for RealFlow and Maxwell


"Working closely with Karolina has been a pleasure since day one.Instead of keeping it all for her, she loves to share her superb knowledge with the rest of us through the Learn Watery Design platform. As RealFlow creators, we can only add that we are humbled to have been selected by Karolina as the main tool LWD revolves around."

Alex Ribao

Next Limit Technologies

RealFlow Product Manager

Complexity is not our pride, but great and efficient design is.

Particle&CG Community

Want to talk to like-minded people about CG, vfx and all things related to particles? Share your progress and have people around you who understands?

I've built community for just that. But it exceeded my expectations! It's more like having a CGworld family who gets you. 

Want to join? 

Reach out to me at [email protected]

p.s. If you're in LearnWateryDesign you get in automatically and also we have private LWD chat room.  

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Complexity is not our pride, but great and efficient design is.

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