Welcome to all who joined this masterclass, it's going to be a hell of a year from now on! Please know I appreciate you.

If you have any questions reach me out via email [email protected] .

Stay Creative & Take Your Chances.




Learn Watery Design V01

Learn time-saving fluid simulation fundamentals and reap the best results with professional 3D design practice.

  • Take the Needle Movers and Save 5 Years of Energy. Get those skills and knowledge you MUST know in one, well-developed system. RealFlow, VRay, Lighting, LookDevelopment, Direction, PostProduction... & Design.
  • Become Immune to Unexpected problems. Develop technical skills and overall practice to be flexible when things go wrong and find the best solution quickly.
  • Eliminate Countless Time-Thieves Forever. Learn to think ahead, plan and prevent progress form slowing down.
  • Connect the dots. Know how all CG project steps work together: from the tip of the idea to the final result.
  • We use RealFlow, VRay & Maya at the moment, (Redshift in Houdini is planned ahead), however, most of the iformation is universal and can be applied in different softwares, you learn to THINK and use RealFlow & your tools to the fullest for purpose of beautiful design. 
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Complexity is not our pride, but great and efficient design is.

Improve your design with RealFlow & new creative skills/ techniques

Here you will learn not only all you MUST know to achieve good looking simulations, but I share my own specific FAST RealFlow simulation techniques, where we use tools to the fullest and with simplicity. For example, we use crown daemon for multiple different splashes and sculpting, rather than only making crown splash on a surface, we use splines in many different ways etc.

Improve workflow and save time

Amp up your creativity while shifting your focus to faster and better creative solutions. Learn to prepare storyboards, animatics, present your work and stand on its values.

Get ahead 10X faster in your workflow & RealFlow

10X your ability to figure things out and to cut corners in a wise way. Nobody cares HOW you do it, first and always people care WHAT you do, what you create. Start from there. Think ahead and find the best design/technical solution for your & your clients purpose. Learn to learn. Learn to think like an artist. Learn the rules and how to break them. Free yourself from any limits.

No more time wasting, no more unnecessary consuming. More creating. More results.

Connect   The Dots

This course will give you all that you MUST know from the point of the idea, planning, production (simulating, animating, meshing, rendering), post-production, to representing the work to your client/team and the audience. You will never look at 3D work and simulations the same way again.

Mostly Used Tools into Mindset

In this course we see tools as tools and not our aim. Meaning, as long as you can get the most efficient results in your project/ clients project, all is good under the hood. For example, first of, you get to know the mostly used tools and learn how to use them efficiently together in order to save time and get more dynamic results (RealFlow). Then we go through look development and post production through creative eyes, questioning: 'what do I really need to do in production to make this look the best and save time later in post p.?' and vice versa. 

You will get the updates on RealFlow new tools and features to know what's the best to use from there at the time too. For free. Great, ha?

Get The Mostly Needed Assets In Your Toolbox

Establish Solid Watery Design Skills

Skills to create delicate RealFlow (main concepts can be applied throughout different softwares) simulations (serving the purpose & quality); balanced motion (dynamic, interesting & simple expression of fluids); realistic look (how to explore references & use it in your work); efficient resources (knowing different ways to achieve design you want, understanding broad sense of what contains fluid simulation field and vfx); maintaining clear focus (defining your values, style and setting the right habits)

Improve Workflow & Save Time

We're about to save you loads of sleepless nights & amp up your creativity while guiding you to shift your focus to faster and better creative solutions.

Taking this course you'll get to: avoid the biggest time-thief mistakes; fasten-up your workflow; know tricks to handle simulations with short-deadlines & fewer resources (hint, it's all about the right mindset & how to use it); establish strong creative thinking & apply it to your own style by knowing all the right tricks & tools of Watery Design 


I've been researching and experimenting for the last 5 or more years and developed a system on which you can stand firmy once you've taken the steps. It's all about implementing the needle movers into the skillset of fluid simulation, design and overall understanding. It's all about the big picture and your own inevitable succes.

Students who's KILLIN' IT!

It's been such a crazy good journey so far and I am extremely proud of all of my students. Check out their progress.


Personal Feedback on Your Progress & LWD COMMUNITY CHAT

Once you show up and do the work, I'm doing my best to guide you further via commentary in private LWD dorpbox folder, or in our private LWD community chat, in the comments over each lesson and through personal recorded video commentary I'm giving you as soon as I have enough understanding on where you're at and where you could go further with your design. The best thing about community is you get to discuss with each other about the things that matter in real time. And it's efficient both for your progress and motivation to continue. We have amazing guys over there and I do my best to be present in the chat as well, to the best of my ability. I always give you feedback on what's important, and I continuously collect the questions and update LearnWateryDesign accordingly.


 For example, Coca Colla case study came out of guys in the chat excitement on this theme for simulations. Right now we're creating this project together and you can join us. You have a chance to participate in final video cut too, but no matter what, all of it gives you experience and new level knowledge. which can be used in multiple ways. 

Practical Tools

We're going to use one of the mostly used tools in the industry: Fluid simulations on RealFlow10  (most of the universal lessons applies to older versions of RealFlow, however, we're getting more and more into new tools and features from RealFlow 10.1) and updates are coming for the newest versions of RealFlow, Look Development on VRay in Maya (+ opted to Redshift in Houdini) . Also future update for RFC4D. Additional tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects. However, most of the knowledge is wrapped in a way so you could use it with different software too.

Everlasting Content

This course contains video lessons and is based on universal understanding of 3D design, workflow and use of tools. You can access it at any time and it's going to be updated with the newest version of RF each year. 

You're investing in a life-time change, not just temporary update you'll have nothing to do with in 2 years.

What is watery design?

Watery Design in general sense is already widely used throughout all commercial field and sometimes even movies (especial titles). It is contained mainly with the small or middle scale fluids, such as wine or at least wavy surface.

Watery Design is design based on 3D fluid simulations, real life fluids or both combined.



It used to be more of a food/drinks industry commercials and of course big screen oceans and visual effects. However, in the last few years all kind of companies started to witness the power of Watery Design: it is so natural, so dynamic and yet can be used to bring the message, different forms, shapes and motion that you could see in real life, making them photo-realistic and 'too good to be true' kind of thing.

Watery design has drawn the attention of many companies and brands and is still growing to the peak.

Also, watery design can look nothing like fluid in the end result: it can still have dynamic fluidish motion or form, but its material is made of metal, wood or any other surface. Watery design has infinite possibilities to express the design and bring the message in the most dynamic, fulfilling way. Also it's becoming more and more available for each one of us, both financially, intellectually and in terms of speed (time efficient).

Why did I create watery design concept in the first place?

Watery Design is a concept I made for two, very important reasons: 

1. firstly, I wanted to create a precise definition in order to

free your hands from doing the technical work ONLY and help you focus on the overall design. Design, which contains fluid simulations. Simply, because you are creative and not a technician.

Once you care about design, creative process and love using fluid simulations as a tool for it, it needs defenition. Otherwise, you would be mostly asked to do tehnical solution for already given direction and, most likely, ever changing tasks. I see a lot of creative foaks frustrated by this because they are not being given freedom to create and solve actual design problem. Who else could know better on what are the best way to bring the message of the project with fluids, than the artist, who's proffesion is watery design itself? 

No one benefits out of you doing the technical tasks only, when you could bring a better solution to the table and make your team, your client, your client's customers and yourself more satisfied and happy. This is productive at the very least.


Seeing the Big Picture

Keeping in mind that visual effects and 3D design is merging more and more now, we'll be playing a big part in the whole shaping of new ERA in both, Watery Design and 3D design world. So here comes the second reason behind watery design:

2. to bring the awareness of important DESIGN part: in creating fluid simulations, work related to it and integrating real life fluids. 

It is time to bring up the quality level and intensity of watery design in our industry. It's time for us to step the game up. As soon as we have more 3D artists care about the design itself and fluent workflow, we'll have different requests and face of a project offered for each one of us. This is essential for us and for the purpose of the best work we can give. So if we are given enough space to create and take responsibility for the best design decision, collaborate and join whenever and however it's the best for it all, in the end we designers will grow harder, better, faster, stronger. Like in the song. But it's true. And our 3D motion design industry will grow with us. We would do the work we can do the best, and projects would not get stuck into never ending miscommunication or forced deadlines.

In cheers to seeing the big picture, have a look at lesson about crown daemon and how you can use it in other efficient, important ways >>


Learn Watery Design Master Class

Create design of small scale fluids - water, chocolate, honey... and beyond! This course will give you all that you MUST know from the point of the idea, planning, production (simulating, animating, meshing, rendering), post-production, to representing the work to your client/team and the audience. You will never look at 3D work and simulations the same way again.

Lessons are well thought through, short and condensed. It takes from 3 to 30 minutes in order for you to get all that you actually need and save you a tremendous amount of time and energy. Time needed to build actual skills and Go Get It in life. 

Enrolling in this course you will get instant access to Part I. There'll be a break between Part I and Part II for now. Time for you to build actual skills which will be needed for Part II. However, be sure you will get all of it: more video lessons, more building skills you need, more downloads and shares. Most of it all, in Part II we'll be connecting the dots. Workflow, creative mindset, design and working with clients shall not be a mystery any longer.

Part I

(Instant Access)


  • Welcome (4 video lessons): Welcome; Shared Files; Ideas Behind the Action; What is Watery Design;
  • Layout & Navigation (6 video lessons): Starting with RealFlow; Quick Tip about Cams; Layout Creation; Elements & Shortcuts; Navigation QWER; RF2015 Change in Layout;
  • FastenUp The Workflow (8 video lessons): Why such a Hurry?; Importance of SCALE; Steps Through Resolution; Importance of Initial State; The Power of Retime; Chache; Export Central; FastenUp SumUp
  • Mostly Used Forces (11 video lessons): Intro; Killers; Definers/Directors; Noise; Wind; Sheeter; Filter; Crown; Fibers; Magic; Vortex; 
  • Mostly Used Standard Particles (7 video lessons): Small Scale Fluids | What & Why?; Top 4 Emitters; Bitmap; Loaders; Get Creative with Density Tower; Node Params; Stay Creative;
  • Dyverso (2 video lessons): Dyverso; Walk Through Dyverso;
  • Viscous Fluids (5 video lessons): Starting with Viscosity; Viscous WarmUp; Layering; Creative Task | Viscous; Stay Creative; 
  • Object Interaction (7 video lessons): Behind the Objects: Why?; Uploading Maps; Particle-fluid interaction; Creative Tip | Sticky; Exports & SD animation; QuickTip | Polycount; Little Final Word | Object interaction; 
  • The World of Splash (5 video lessons): Tempting Splashes | Why?; Theory of Splashes; Crown Splashes; Classical Crown; Splash with Crown Daemon;
  • Meshing (4 video lessons): Particle-edge Rule of Meshing; Benefits of Clipping; Importance of Polycount; 3 Types of Meshing;
  • Representation WarmUp (4 video lessons + PDF templates): Creating Playbacks; Quick-Through V-Ray; Representing Work | Creating Treatment PDFS; Beauty of the Shape

Part II

(This part is partly available right now and is being updated at the moment; Here are listed categories)


  • Animation: we'll go through lighting, camera animation, attribute animation and more; we'll go through all of it with a perspective to look-development and planning, therefore we'll come up to animatics and to final editing; Plus advanced editing for Stills; 
  • MAPS: we'll go through all kinds of maps, from realflow bitmapemitter to shaders, lighting, post-production, wet-maps and overall thinking of using the maps in the first place;
  • Sculpting RealFlow simulations & advanced techniques: we'll get even more practice on sculpting; you'll get to know basis of the sculpting, and specifics to refine the detail and motion ;
  • Look-development: we'll go deeper into lighting, 3point lighting, reflections, refractions, shaders, camera angles and effect of it all, plus so much more;
  • Creative Workflow: we'll connect the dots, you'll know how to manage creative process, do creative research, advanced editing; note-ing your way;
  • Project-planning: Planning; Project Steps; Storyboards; Moodboards; Creating strong Treatment PDFs; More Templates and downloads;  
  • Team Work & Clients: Managing Resources; Exports for the Client; Uploading your work; Differences between working with a team/ agency and a direct client; 
  • Plug-ins Overlook: we'll walk through plug-ins out there, also how and when it's beneficial to use plug-ins in the first place;
  • Coca Cola Case Study: we're going through it right now, and it includes splines, creative thinking, objects, planning, scripting, adding bubbles and more. It's fantastic!
  • Bonus Case study.


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Improve your workflow, establish solid watery design skills, become immune to unexpected problems, eliminate countless time-thieves forever, learn to focus to better and faster creative solutions and free your hands form doing the technical work ONLY.

This course will give you all that you MUST know from the point of the idea, planning, production, post-production, to representing the work to your client/team and the audience.

You will never look at 3D work and simulations the same way again.




Learn Watery Design v01 Masterclass

Get LearnWateryDesignv01

Instant access to Part I (11 chapters, 63 video lessons) +

Part II (10 chapters with video lessons ) + library &








Get LearnWateryDesign v01


Bonus 12months of ParticleMonthly: additional lessons and monthly challenges on RealFlow and watery design no strings attached  for FREE + LIVE CHAT WITH COMMUNITY for life


4 personal recorded video commentary on your work 






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How do I take this course? Are these lessons live or is it a set of videos? Will I be able to take it at my own pace?

Yes, of course! Once you enroll in to the course, you will be granted a catalysee acount with personal password. Therefore, you'll be given an instant access to Part I and building the skills audio and written tasks starter. All of LearnWateryDesign is contained with online video lessons, written important notes and audio downloads for creative tasks and building the skills tasks. You can access all of it from any device: desctop, iPad or your smart phone. In addition to this you'll be given access to LearnWateryDesign dropbox library, where you are highly encouraged not only to use references for your inspiration, but upload playbacks and print screens of your project. This way I will be tracking your progress and giving you feedback once you get it going. Lastly, you will be able to see your progress visually inside the course, so you will be able to pick up easily from where you left off, and from any device! This comes handy, especially when all of the lessons of Part II will be revealed. 

What version of RealFlow is being used during the lessons? Will there be the newest version of RealFlow explained?

Glad you asked, yes! You will get the newest updates about the most important changes inside the RealFlow with each new version. LearnWateryDesign is based on universal knowledge about working wirth RealFlow and forces in general sense. This way you built sustanable knowledge you could use in the future, instead of having a temporary value. 

Will I be able to follow along with C4D and RealFlow plugin for it?

Yes, because LearnWateryDesign is built on universal knowledge about working with forces and particles in RealFlow. However, special, separate update for working with RealFlow plugin in Cinema4D is already planned. By enrolling into LearnWateryDesign be sure you will get these updates. It will come in a separate chapter as a bonus. 

I'm new to RealFlow and simulations and/or 3D design. Is this course for me?

Yes! You're in amazing spot! You will reap tremendous amount of value from LearnWateryDesign, and most importantly, you will not only be able to fix mistakes you've been doing previously,  but avoid the most painful mistakes in the first place! I've got your back. You will be guided from a to z throughout the whole process of creating 3D watery design, from planning, fluid simulations, research, to look development, and final representation to your client or/and the audience. This is what is so unique about LearnWateryDesign, connecting the dots of information and guiding you to use all the time for the most important part - practice.

Will this class help me get better at creating beautiful fluid simulations (watery design) by showing the right way to practice and giving specific tasks?

Yes! Yes and again, yes! This is the deal: first, you'll be given tasks to built the mostly needed technical skills and then all of the rest will be creative tasks. Good thing is,if you will follow the guidance and be patient in building the skills first, those will be buit up one upon another in a way that eventually will help you to be the master of it all. This way you will save loads of time, there's a rule that fits: slow and steady wins. Once we get into cretive tasks, things will get groovy! Overall, I will show you how to practice with purpose and lead you to create proffesional work, great design, have lots of fun and avoide time wasting. LearnWateryDesign is based on building the knowledge and pratice simultaneously and pulls you forward by giving you guidelines to think ahead and create. Thus, you won't need sticking with already pre-made scenes, unless it will be nescessary for the purpose of some bonus feature in the future. The only exception will be that I'll be giving some presets for rendering, maps, objects and Photoshop templates to ease your work.  Mindset behind it is, if you will be just fixing pre-made 3D scenes you will not be able to do it on your own. And you are much more powerful than that. You know you can create and create great stuff! I've got our back. 

What software will I need? Will we be using any plugins?

We're going to use one of the mostly used tools in the industry: Fluid simulations on RealFlow2015/RealFlow10 and updates are coming for the newest versions of RealFlow, Look Development on VRay in Maya (+ planned to opt in Redshift in Houdini) Additional tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects. The only one plugin we'll definitely be using for post - production is Frischluft for Adobe After Effects (mainly Depth of Field). Other than that, course is aimed to be plug-in free in order to prepare you to do the great work in the lowest expenses needed. However, there are few plugins in RealFlow that comes in handy, such as one of the newest plugins Q solver, helps really gain smooth detail needed (advanced), repletum works fine to fill holes and make tendrils too, but not in the way Q solver does (so built in sheeter is okay to use, because it became way better lately than it was in older versions of RealFlow), IoSim melt plygin and ect. It's important to understand, that even using plugins you need to know how to do great without them, because plugin will not save you, but your knowledge will. All images/videos you see in here are made in RF plugin free. But we do cover Q-Solver specifics and more updates coming on that. 

Could you expand a little bit more on system requirements, for being able to calculate the simulations in reasonable time?

Yes, quick heads up, most of the software are aiming to use GPU nowadays, which means you have much faster simulations. So I would suggest you to keep that in mind once you buy you're thinking to buy new workstation. RAMs are extremely important as well, especially working with post-production software. Also operating system MUST be 64bit, and I highly reccomend to have at least 3TB of space, because particle cache and meshes takes up loads of space. You can read separate requirements of each software you're going to use or write directly to custom service of theirs. However, I'm still using an old machine of mine, which I think is enough to get it going, and now it's not as expensive as it was years ago (just do not count only on me, this is the very basis, and newer graphics card with better fan is reccomended). Here it is: 1x PSU Corsair CMPSU-850TXEU ATX 850W PFC, EU version; 1x Intel Core i7-2600, 3.40GHz, 8MB, LGA1155, 32nm, 95W, BOX; 1x ASUS P8P67 Rev.3.0, P67, DDR3 1800, SATA6, GLAN, CF, ATX; 8x Corsair Vengeance 4GB, DIMM,1600MHz, DDR3, CL9,XMP,Non-ECC,with Heatsink (blue) ; 1x ASUS ENGTX560 GeForce GTX 560 DCII TOP, 1G GDDR5(256 bit), DVI,mini HDMI; 1x internal HDD WD Caviar Black 3.5'' 1TB SATA3 7200RPM 64MBcache; 1x LG SuperMulti SATA DVD+/-R22x,DVD+RW8x,DVD+R DL
16x,SecurDisc,bare bulk,black.

If I buy LearnWateryDesign v01 now, will I be able to upgrade to VIP ACCESS later?

Yes! The upgrade will apply your €622 purchase amount towards the €944 VIP ACCESS. All you need to do is to follow the instructions I will give you. If you have any questions feel free to contact me [email protected]. But other than that, all I care is that you would be happy and fullfilled by your work. Stay creative. 



Stay tuned for it all in your favourite platform